Littératie numérique 101

MediaSmarts has produced a new set of digital literacy resources to support teachers in implementing digital literacy into their teaching practice and to help them to develop digital literacy lessons and activities that suit their students’ needs.

One of the resources is the Guide de classe, which provides practical tools to help K-12 teachers make digital literacy a part of their classroom practice with a focus on the specific skill areas of ethics and empathy, privacy and security, community engagement, digital health, consumer awareness, finding and verifying and making and remixing.

A second resources is the Digital Literacy Training Program for Canadian Educators workshops, which provides an overview of essential digital literacy skills and key concepts of media and digital literacy, familiarizes participants with the digital experiences of Canadian youth, and introduces the resources and tools that are available through MediaSmarts.

Each workshop is available as a self-directed tutorial, which is timed to take three hours if all of the activities are included.

Digital Literacy Key Concept Videos and a set of concept posters are available on the Digital Literacy 101 page of the MediaSmarts website.

These resources can support teachers in implementing digital literacy into their teaching practice.

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