Image © Global Digital Citizen

Welcome to the Yukon Digital Literacy & Citizenship Blog. Through monthly themes, we will share ideas and resources that will guide you to become competent and considerate digital citizens. The following two definitions will act as a framework for our discussions. You can refer back to them often.

Digital citizenship is the self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities you enjoy or depend on. (Terry Heick, 2013, TeachThought)

Digital literacy is “the interest, attitude and ability of individuals to appropriately use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, construct new knowledge, create and communicate with others”. (BC Education, 2013)

The following infographic defines digital citizenship in terms of its actions and habits: using, sifting, mastering, creating–the literal actions that ultimately define the tone of a student’s interactions with their digital environments. We look forward to learning together with you in the coming months.
Notice the image is licensed under Creative Commons. Watch for this topic in an upcoming theme.